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The Master-Plants

During the dieta you will drink the essence of a Master/teacher plant. These plants contain different properties that can help heal various ailments and will become you allies on the path. 


Noya Rao

“The tree of life, light, love, truth and enlightenment”
Considered by some Shipibo to be mythical.
The Lopez-Mahua lineage is possibly the only living lineage with direct access to the Noya Rao tree.
The Noya Rao tree in its physical form has leaves that literally glow in the dark. The do not glow while they are on the branches, but when they fall off and are on the ground, they will glow for the following 3-5 days.
The Shipibos have a great metaphor for this: Similar to how the stars lighten up our night sky at night, so do the leaves (the light of Noya Rao) here on earth.
It is said that Noya Rao brings down the light from the heavens to earth itself and that she brings light to all the darkness that exists here!
They say that she was the first tree on earth birthing all life to the surface of this earth and disappeared because her mission was fulfilled. She has been re- discovered recently and believed to be back to help the earth and the people raise the collective consciousness and to help us both ascend and achieve enlightenment personally as well as collectively.
Noya Rao is said to be the ‘President’ of the jungle and one of the most powerful diets one can do.
She is connected to all plants and trees around the world and to their medicine as well.
She is seen as being one of the greatest healers/doctors in this tradition and can basically cure anything!

There are certain plants and trees that align with the energy of Noya Rao, others not so much. 
She also brings liberation from old belief systems and aligns us with our purpose.
Noya Rao is pure light, pure love and it is a blessing we may work with this beautiful energy.

Each Maestro or shaman has his own connection to the plants and they give diets in their own way. Within the Shipibo tradition we work with Meastro Roberth (Ray Rawa) and therefor follow his guidance on what plants we are allowed to diet, the way we diet and what is allowed in our post diet.

Beneath we have listed the different plants and trees you will be able to diet.  


Emotional & Spiritual
In the Shipibo tradition, Bobinsana is a highly respected master plant teacher with diverse medicinal properties. Considered a very creative feminine plant, Bobinsana’steachings are focused on healing wounds of the heart from past relationships to release trauma, intense grief, loss and sadness. Healing deep wounds from childhood, romantic relationships, or psychological/physical abuse, the participant experiences a greater capacity to feel love, empathy, and compassion for oneself and others.

By reinforcing the brain’s nervous system, Bobinsana helps relieve stress, tension, intense thoughts and worries accumulated from heavy workloads. She helps to strengthen and protect your energy field to create a resilient fortress around you when in challenging environments. This also supports any meditation practice or energy work, such as massage and reiki.

The Shipibo say that Bobinsana has a great love for beauty and the arts, and so helps to activate the participant's creative channels for greater self-expression. She helps to open the voice and connect the participant with plant spirits to receive songs. Bobinsana is a unique spirit who showers you with love and affection, illuminating the path of beauty and grace. A true Goddess of the Amazon.


Physical Benefits
Relieves or protects against rheumatism
Relieves arthritis
Reduces inflammation
Used to treat cancer
Uterine disorders/cancer
Stimulates and reinforces the nervous system 
Purifies and detoxifies the blood
Relieves corporal cold energy
Water retention
Prevents strokes
Increases urination
Regulates heart pressure Joint, bone, and muscle pains 
Relieves fatigue 

Emotional and Spiritual Benefits
Love and compassion 
Forgiveness and empathy 
Unlocks creativity 
Relieves stress and tension 
Heals trauma 
Relieves grief and sadness 
Promotes positivity 
Strengthens will 
Releases the ‘stuck’ feeling 
Calms mind and relieves worries

Screenshot 2023-05-24 at 23.27.41.png


This plant, has great spiritual significance across many shamanic tribes within the Amazon. It is named after the myth of Chullachaqui, due to the roots of the tree forming a ‘twisted foot’ reminiscent of the great legend of the jungle.

Chullachaqui caspi also serves deep spiritual purposes, allowing the dietero to connect to the deep intelligence of the ancient plant spirits within this great tree.

Acting as a guardian and protector to the student, this plant offers true wisdom of the forest, opening the dietero up to many other master plants. With profound grounding properties, it can significantly settle anxiety and a scattered mind, bringing the body into deep union with nature.

Medicinal Benefits

 The resin may be used to heal wounds, cuts, and bruises.

It is applied topically after being ground into a poultice and rubbed directly onto the skin

The bark can help to heal symptoms from psoriasis, as well as an assortment of other dermatological issues.

First it is grated, the boiled and administered in a steam bath.

Treatment for arthritis and maintenance of joint health

Chiric Sanango

Emotional & Spiritual
Chiric Sanango’s spirit presents itself in the form of an elder wise-man, affectionately referred to as abuelo sanango. With his strict yet compassionate nature, he focuses on balancing and restoring the three brains—stomach, heart, brain connection. His unique medicine transforms our internal landscape by aligning us with our truth, strengthening our soul connection, increasing self-esteem and self-love. Through this healing, we experience a deeper sense of self, with renewed confidence to fully express our individuality.

Chiric’s unique medicinal properties help balance serotonin levels, helping those suffering from severe grief, depression, and anxiety. It will benefit anyone who feels lost or disconnected from themselves and others, as well as anyone suffering deep insecurities, or stuck in egoic patterns of thought, desires, and beliefs.  A true heart-opener and warming energy, you will gain a greater understanding of the earth as your home, the connectedness between all living things, and the universal love that binds us all.


Physical Benefits
Nervous system
Strengthen bones
Treats bone disease
Good for elders
Helps with impotence - increases libido 
Warms body & heart 
Helps regulate blood pressure 
Anti-inflammatory properties 
Asthma & Bronchial disorders 
Sharpens the mind


Emotional and Spiritual Benefits
Helps grief and depression
Strengthens heart connection
Strengthens bones
Reinforces relations with other plants
Increases energy
Increased mental clarity
Increases libido - especially females



Emotional & Spiritual
Tiny white flowers and leaves like blades, this plant works in the realm of love. She is good at balancing masculine and feminine energies and restoring the nervous system to a state of rest. She helps you attract benevolent people with good intentions and helps you to set healthy boundaries with people in your life who create or possess chaotic or challenging energy for you. With marusa, you will experience greater love, increased self-esteem, and self-love and be aware of more beauty in life. You learn to truly love yourself and others.

Physical Benefits
Excellent at healing long-standing conditions of the female reproductive system

Emotional and Spiritual Benefits
Greater self-love
Attracts love
Attracts loving people
Helps establish healthy boundaries between you and others

Mapacho (tabacco)

Emotional & Spiritual
This is a potent and magical plant, that is chopped into mapacho and smoked in pipes or wrapped paper. Mapacho is used by the shaman during ayahuasca ceremonies, to clear and protect sacred and ceremonial spaces, and to increase the potency of his healing work. When ikaros are sung, the participant is blown with mapacho smoke to imbue and enclose their astral body with the healing benefits. Considered as important as ayahuasca by the Shipibo, mapacho serves as a bridge to connect with the other plant spirits. For the healer, it also works to protect for his energetic field while he heals others.

Mapacho, is a wonderful medicine if you are physically weak or suffer from chronic fatigue, it also aids recovery from stress and migraines. Tobacco makes your mental and emotional capabilities more resilient and your decision making more decisive. It heals deep sadness and releases and regulates blocked emotions. When used properly, tobacco/mapacho is a medicine and not addictive, it actually strengthens, protects, and gives mental clarity.  

We encourage participants dieting any plant to connect with mapacho by smoking him with intention (without inhaling) and lightly blowing the smoke on your body. This helps to ground, protect your energetic field, and clear heavy mental activity to connect you back to your center. Similar to the healer, mapacho also helps you to connect to the realm of the plant spirits. Like any other plant, but especially with mapacho - the more you connect with his spirit, the more he connects with you. Most people who work regularly with medicine, form a very close bond with mapacho, built on trust and a deep respect for his support.

Physical Benefits
Relieves chronic fatigue
Relieves migraines
Relieves stress
Relieves anxiety
Increases mental clarity

Emotional & Spiritual Benefits
Helps to connect with other plant spirits
Strengthens & protects energy field
Grounds energy
Brings you into a state of calm & presence  



Emotional & Spiritual
Often mistaken as a tree, renaquilla is a large vine-like plant which wraps itself around a host tree, eventually becoming inseparable and at one with its host. Renaquilla’s unique healing modalities work with the same binding energy to join, bond, unite and strengthen broken issues across the physical, emotional and spiritual spheres of life.

Considered a feminine plant, the Shipibo love renaquilla’s unifying nature which brings us back into harmony with the natural world and our relationship to life. Her powerful teachings help to resolve severe disunity between couples and family members by unifying and connecting through forgiveness.

This powerful plant has the unique ability to reprogram your neural network — by coding your system with new improved cellular health — resulting in an expanded awareness and shift in consciousness.

This is a great teacher for anyone doing energy work with hands as it heightens your intuitive awareness to bone and connective tissue related issues.

Physical Benefits
Relieves or protects against rheumatism Relieves arthritis
Heals trauma held in the body 
Harmonizes digestive issues 
Cleanses & stabilizes the heart 
Water retention
Bone regenerator for open fractures 
Heals dislocations
Heals internal and external wounds 
Releases corporal cold energy
Releases weak or heavy corporal energy 
Uterine disorders
Stimulates circulatory system 
Heals reproductive system 
Detoxifies & purifies blood 
Regulates circulatory system 
Helps with Spleen
Prevent uterus prolapse 
Heals yeast Infections 
Relieves stomach pains 
Cures frights
Regulates the entire female reproductive system 
Rejuvenates the root systems running through the body 
Strengthens women
Increases energy
Reprograms cells

Emotional and Spiritual Benefits
Heals and binds broken relationships
Promotes forgiveness
Heightened awareness
Heightened intuition
Improved cellular health
Connects to nature 

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