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Level 1 Training and Initiation

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to join the ancient Siddha lineage, be initiated as a Shaktipat channel, awaken your Kundalini energy, and learn how to work with sacred geometry and crystals alchemical medicines and other healing tools. These intensive courses consist of full days of teachings, initiations, training, practice, meditation, discussion and feedback. You will receive tailored step by step guidance on how to work with crystals, build mandalas, purify yourself, work with the chakra system, activate your Kundalini, meditate with these energies and channel yourself to others. The teaching and initiation process is intimate and focused, with ample time for feedback, discussion, and personal guidance to support you in your healing process and your journey as facilitators of others' healing.


Siddha Science is an ancient and esoteric path of awakening. 

Kept secret for thousands of years, these energies, initiations and practices have only recently been opened up to the collective. With the blessing and guidance of the Siddha Guru Ahvdhoot Baba Shivanand, Dani Sher, his student, is now disseminating the work, initiating practitioners and guiding more and more people in the Shaktipath of the Siddhas. It is simply an honour and a blessing to have the opportunity to come into contact with this body of knowledge. If you feel the call, you know you are ready. These intensive courses encompass the initiation and first level of training necessary to practice this Kundalini-driven purification and healing method, both for oneself and for others.



What is Siddha Kundalini Healing:

Siddha Kundalini Healing is an energy healing method driven by Kundalini – the divine flow of life force. The method uses this energy to harness the power of crystals and yantras (sacred diagrams) to bring about intense purification. The practitioner creates crystal mandalas and channels the healing energy to cleanse and clear the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual body. The method removes impurities, entities and implants which are causing a blockage. The relationship between practitioner and crystal is respectful and reciprocal. An awareness of the divine potential of all things is equivalent, as is the humble and devotional but practical, grounded, and nourishing real

tionship with the Siddhas, whose illuminated energy the practitioner channels. Siddha healing is neither dogmatic nor is it a religion. The basis of the work is compassion, and the engine which drives it is love.


What is its purpose:

The intention of Siddha Kundalini Healing is to support life on this planet through collective awakening. Integrated into its current form due to the varied experiences that Dani underwent as the Guru's student, Siddha Kundalini Healing is an all-encompassing methodology and a doorway into the ancient lineage of the Siddhas. It is also a bridge between this earth-plane and other spiritual dimensions. Passed down from teacher to student through esoteric tantric practices, the system includes a process of Shaktipat initiation involving the activation of Kundalini Shakti and Sanjiveeni Shakti. The awakening of these divine female energies, which are lying dormant within us all, opens the gateway to the Siddha channel. This sacred initiation process gives one the opportunity and the privilege of becoming part of the ancient Siddha lineage.



Siddha Healing is a vast and varied body of knowledge which transcends temporal and spatial boundaries and encompasses information from different traditions. The Siddhas are enlightened yogis. The lineage from which Siddha heal- ing was born originated in India over 5,000 years ago, predating the Vedas. As a result of the vast and, at times, very intense initiations he underwent whilst practising and living with the Guru over many years, Dani was asked to initiate people into the Siddha lineage and the practice of Siddha Healing, which combines Tantric practices and Indian shamanism, with the power of Kundalini yoga. As a result, this method was synthesised into its current form, which Dani calls Siddha Kundalini Healing. Engaging in Siddha Kundalini practice activates sacred and ancient energies and ignites their powers.



To embark on this powerful, spiritual journey, participants should come with an open mind and an open heart. It is a unique opportunity and a great privilege to receive Shaktipat initiation from a Siddha Master, and an experience that should be treated with honour and due respect. Stepping onto the Shaktipath allows you to tap into the cosmic healing energies known as Sanjeevani Shakti. This flow of 32 healing energies has the capacity to go deep into the body-mind-spirit complex, removing negative energies, entities and implants, as well as releasing blockages and clearing past traumas stored in the body.

This method allows you to heal both mental and physical illnesses. Harnessing the power of Kundalini activation in a safe and controlled environment, you will dive deep into your spiritual awakening and witness the true potential of sacred geometry, ancient alchemical Navapashnam medicines, crystals and energy healing. As well as receiving love and healing energy throughout this process, you will also be given the tools and knowledge needed to channel the energy yourself.

You will learn to build mandalas using sacred geometrical symbols, crystals and other Tantric and shamanic tools, equipping you with pure, natural and powerful allies to offer healing and support to many others on their path. Each training flows in accordance with its participants and the healing taking place. Held by Dani's wisdom and knowledge, the course will unfold through our shared intuition. Across the duration, we will practice receiving and trusting as we listen, learn, meditate, chant, share, purify, heal and grow.


We hold a safe space for each individual to go through their process comfortably and securely.

During each workshop, you will:

~ Receive sacred Shaktipat initiations to activate and awaken your Kundalini. ! Receive initiations to connect you with, and activate your Sanjeevni Shakti


~ Learn how to cultivate and channel the collective Kundalini energy through your personal channel in order to heal yourself and others.

~ Learn the uses of various ancient yogic and Tantric techniques and meditations that will allow you to go deeper on your path of healing and transformation.

~ Learn techniques to cultivate your psychic abilities.

~ Learn how to build a respectful, reciprocal relationship with crystals and how

to activate and programme them for healing.

~ Learn how to use and activate sacred geometry symbols and yantras for psychic work, healing, purification, manifestation, meditation, protection, etc.

~ Learn how to build healing mandalas with sacred geometric symbols, crystals and other Tantric and shamanic tools.

~ Learn the qualities and powers of crystals and stones and how they can be used to enhance and support healing.

~ Learn how to create a sacred space for healing and learn how to format a one-on-one healing session.



Crystal mandalas are a vital part of the engine of this ancient practice, their healing capacity resurfacing in recent years through the channel of the Siddhas. The mandalas are compiled using a combination of sacred geometry, crystals, stones, and Tantric and shamanic objects. This technology allows us to open portals, creating a bridge between the physical reality and higher dimensions. The mandala acts as a microcosm of the universe, so in creating them, we create a healing universe through which we can work to heal the receiver.

The system is adaptable according to where we want to take the receiver and what form of healing we want to offer. By doing this, we are bypassing the limitations of this physical reality and journeying to the more subtle realms of the spirit world. Therefore, the healing that takes place is very deep, so we can access and remove blockages and untangle karmic knots from this and past lives. There are no limitations on time and space, so issues from the past, future and present can be addressed and worked on concurrently. The mandala is the base tool that we use as Siddha Kundalini practitioners.

Each mandala is unique and created using intuition during a meditative process. It is therefore created according to what is needed in the present moment.



Kundalini energy is a cosmic source of power which knows no bounds. When Kundalini energy is activated, we can access our true potential, move beyond the physical body's limitations, and access multidimensional planes. Kundalini is actually who we are. Resting in Muladhara, the root chakra, she lies dormant within us all until awakening triggers her movement up to and through the higher chakras. Kundalini is the spiritual energy that enables us to access deeper levels of power and awakening within ourselves, enabling us to heal and manifest all we dream of.

Dani's core desire is to support people by sharing his wisdom and the gifts he has gained through many years on this path. These technologies have been kept alive for thousands of years through the Siddha lineage, and Dani intends to spread this knowledge. By bringing these powerful, timeless tools to people who are ready to heal and committed to the process of purifying and awakening the mind to its ultimate, eternal nature, collective awakening can take place.



The recipe for this sacred alchemical preparation – a unique combination of 4,320 ingredients – was channelled over 5,000 years ago by Siddha Master Bhogarnath. Infused with unconditional love and grace, Navapashanam is the essence of cosmic life-force energy.

A lack of life force energy (prana/chi) is the root cause of all diseases, and Navapashanam has, throughout history, proven to be an effective and multi-purpose medicine. Revitalising malfunctioning organs, Navapashanam systematically eliminates diseases at the root cause. 

The remedy's power to rejuvenate the body's circulatory, digestive, endocrine, glandular, immune, nervous and respiratory systems has been known to bring about miraculous physical transformations.

Bringing balance to the five elements, seven chakras and three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) and detoxifying the Nadis (energetic channels), Navapashanam helps the body increase its capacity to absorb and retain precious prana. In addition, Navapashanam eliminates toxins, reduces inflammation, purifies the blood, regulates body heat, and rejuvenates cells.

This sacred medicine scans the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, changing their molecular structure according to specific conditions and the moment's uniqueness. It has the capacity to boost any energetic, meditative or psychic practice and is, therefore, a valuable tool to enhance such practices.

The calming effects on the mind help promote a consciousness conducive to periods of prolonged meditation with sustained concentration. Its supreme life-sustaining and transformative energy can help induce enormous karmic shifts. Accelerating the process of self-awakening, this ancient organically and consciously produced remedy can help those on the path to transcend duality and transmute negative energy into light.

Navapashanam Chakra and Kundalini Activator oils are specifically activated to enhance the purification and awakening of the chakras and Kundalini shakti re-, respectively. Designed to clean, clear, open, align and balance the chakras, this medicine assists us in the Siddha path, focused on balancing the chakras. In addition, the Kundalini Activator assists in the safe activation and stimulation of this life-force energy within us, helping to harmonise and activate the Kundalini energy.



Dani Sher was born in South Africa and raised in Israel until setting off for In- dia in search of the unknown. He explored various styles of yoga, meditation and healing methods before stumbling across Siddha Guru Avdhoot Baba Shiv- Anand in early 2000. His life was to change. He spent the next few years living with the Guru in his house, embarking on a powerful, spiritual journey. Spend- ing his days studying and meditating intensively enabled Dani to realise the huge healing potential of the Siddha system. This ancient technology is formed upon a body of esoteric knowledge more than 5,000 years old, predating even

the Vedas. It is a challenging system that recognises the divine power within- humans to direct energy for self-healing.

He witnessed countless miracles take place before his very eyes. Cancer and HIV/Aids patients are being healed, and paralysed persons are becoming mobile. Dani developed the belief that everything is possible, that with trust and with the correct tools, we all can go beyond the limitations of this reality. To be healed and to heal others. He received sacred Shaktipat initiations into the Siddha tradition before being granted the honour of becoming a fundamental pillar of this mystical lineage. Recognising Dani's gifts, the Guru requested that he become a teacher and Shaktipat initiator of the Siddha science himself.

The years to follow saw Dani integrating all that he had learnt. He continued to explore every angle and opportunity to expand his consciousness and deepen his understanding of spirituality and natural healing. His next significant quest was spending one month in complete darkness and isolation, living in very basic conditions, following an ancient Ayurvedic discipline called Kayalkalpa. In complete darkness, it became clearer than ever that the ego cannot hide. That transparency is the key to healing and the key to enlightenment. A year later, he entered the darkroom again for two continuous months. Time be- came eternity to him during this experience. He experienced non-duality in its purest form, taking him beyond the manipulation of the egoic mind. Dani himself became the power and potential of many ancient healing tools.

Dani has lived in India for more than 15 years, spreading his vast and varied body of knowledge and helping countless others face their fears and transform their lives. He has integrated his experiences to develop a unique bespoke system that he refers to as 'Siddha Kundalini Healing'. The awakening of Kundalini, the divine life-force energy within us all, is a vital component of his work. He recognises the importance of purification on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual- to align Kundalini and Shaktipat energies. His

all-encompassing approach combines alchemical Navapashanam medicines, the power of crystals, sacred geometry, mandalas, Kundalini yoga, Shaktipat initiations and Siddha rituals. Channelling these healing frequencies, he works to quieten the egoic mind, open the heart, rejuvenate the body and purify the soul. Dani masterfully helps many others reconcile the fundamental conflicts within themselves, manifesting results that can only be described as miraculous.

You are warmly invited to join our magical and mystical healing journey. If you hear your heart calling.....then You know you are ready!!! Namaste


The retreat location is set at Mother's House, a beautiful mansion in de woodlands of Limburg, The Netherlands. The beautiful 500-year-old house has wellness facilities like a sauna, jacuzzi, and an indoor pool for you to unwind and relax in. There is a beautiful forrest to walk in too.


The retreat includes all vegan meals, all beverages and accommodation. 

Please send us an email if you have any questions or wish to participate in this unique workshop.



Siddha Kundalini Healing workshop

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