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6-day Psychedelic facilitator/spaceholder training

Do you feel the call to help others in the proces of their transformation? Would you like to learn from different perspectives and cultures?


What will you learn in the basic training?

  • What holding space means

  • How to hold safe space

  • How to organise a ceremony from the intake, contraindications, preparation/diet to integration.

  • How to set up space

  • Ceremony presence

  • Learn about different psychedelic medicines, their origin, and the effect.

  • Learn to work with different shamanic tools like Agua Florida, Mapacho, Hapé, Sananga

  • Experience the difference and how to work with recorded music & Live music

  • Experience and learn some of the basics about breathwork

  • Experience and learn some of the basics about bodywork

  • Integration tools

  • IFS therapy tools

This training is a basic training to learn to hold space in the first case for yourself and then others. There will be 3 ceremonies during the 6 days.

In my experience the call of working with psychedelics usually comes from your own experience with psychedelics and what it has done for you. This is a good way to learn and grow. By undergoing and experiencing the many facets of this work. There is more than meets the eye when organising a ceremony or retreat. At The Medicine Tribe we believe safety comes first. So this is what we focus on. 

What if someone gets a psychosis? How do you know it is a psychosis? How can you prevent this from happening? How do you deal with aggression? 

All very important and relevant questions when working with psychedelics.

The goal is to relieve trauma and not create it!


22-27 April (Full)

4-9 September, Mother's House The Netherlands. €3333

7-21 Augustus, Pahoyan, Peru €3999 

9-15 October, Mother's House The Netherlands € 3333

Investment: €3333

After completing the basic training you can apply for an internship at The Medicine Tribe or Mother's House and work together with the team learning to facilitate ceremonies for larger groups 10+, diving deeper into breathwork & bodywork and learn more about the shamanic or therapeutic side of the ceremony. 

This program is not standard but will be custom made to your own specific interests and needs. Giving you more work experience while being supported by a team of very experienced facilitators & spaceholders.

Shamanic Ayahuasca facilitator initiation.

Peru or The Netherlands 

Do you feel the call to work with Ayahuasca in a shamanic way? Then please join us in the jungle of PERU or at Mother's House in The Netherlands where we will be facilitating a Noya Rao dieta where you will learn all about yourself ;

  • What Ayahuasca is and how it is made. ( you will be able to join in on the cooking process in Peru)

  • The Masterplants and their properties 

  • The Shipibo tradition

  • The preparation & integration

  • The songs of the jungle called Icaros, and what they do.

  • The different medicinal plants from the amazon and how to prepare them.


20th 2024 until the 31st of July 2024 in Limburg, The Netherlands €2499

7th August 2024 until the 21st of August 2024 in Paoyhan, Peru €2999

What is included in the Master-Plant diet & facilitation training?

  • Plant-medicine ceremonies every other day

  • Ceremony tools and course materials

  • Master-plant diet 

  • Other medicinal plants if needed to help (cure) whatever you need help with

  • Medicinal Plant Sauna's (Sweat lodge in The Netherlands)

  • Flower baths

  • 3 meals a day (except when you are fasting or on ceremony days, then you get 2 meals)

  • Guidance by Tamara & Team

  • Private consultations with the Maestro & family

  • English & Dutch speaking guide 

  • Guided walk around the forrest learning about the healing plants and trees.

  • Celebration with the whole family that will include music & dancing 

  • Shipibo artisan market ​

  • Pick up in Pucallpa and help getting the ticket for the boat.(Peru)

  • Transportation from the harbour to Pahoyan to the retreat center (Peru)

  • Integration talks

  • Shipibo Icaros class

  • Teachings on how to use sacred tools in ceremony 


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