Healing sessions with Dani Sher

About Dani

Dani was born in South Africa and raised in Israel, until setting off for India in search of the unknown. He explored various styles of yoga, meditation and healing methods before stumbling across Siddha Guru Avdhoot Baba Shivanand in early 2000. His life was to change.

He spent the next few years living with the Guru in his house, embarking on a powerful, spiritual journey. Spending his days studying and meditating intensively enabled Dani to realise the huge healing potential of the Siddha system. This ancient technology is formed upon a body of esoteric knowledge more than 5,000 years old; predating even the Vedas.


It is a system of Channelling which recognises the divine power within humans to direct energy for self-healing. He witnessed countless miracles take place before his very eyes. Cancer and HIV/Aids patients being healed, and paralysed persons were becoming mobile.

Dani developed the belief that everything is possible; that with trust and with the correct tools, we all have the capacity to go beyond the limitations of this reality. To be healed, and to heal others. He received sacred Shaktipat initiations into the Siddha tradition, before being granted the honour of becoming a fundamental pillar of this mystical lineage.


Recognising Dani’s gifts the Guru requested for him to become a teacher and Shaktipat initiator of the Siddha science himself. 

Dani has been living in India for more than 17 years, spreading his vast and varied body of knowledge, helping countless others face their fears and transform their lives. 


He has integrated his experiences to develop a bespoke and unique system that he refers to as ‘Siddha Kundalini Healing’.Awakening of Kundalini, the divine life-force energy within us all, is a vital component to his work. 

He recognises the importance of purification on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, to align Kundalini and Shaktipat energies. 


His all-encompassing approach combines alchemical Navapashanam medicines, the power of crystals, sacred geometry, mandalas, Kundalini yoga, Shaktipat initiations and Siddha rituals. 

The system is designed to quieten the egoic mind, open the heart, rejuvenate the body and purify the soul. 

Channelling these healing frequencies, Dani masterfully helps many others reconcile the fundamental conflicts within themselves, manifesting results that can only be described as miraculous.





Dani offers each seeker the opportunity to look inside, and to discover within themselves the infinite power and potential to heal and to manifest their greatest dreams. One-on-one healing sessions with Dani provide the space to go even deeper, to journey from the physical plane of this reality to the more subtle planes we can access on our spiritual path. 


This experience is suitable for anyone who is ready and open to go through deep purification and healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It is an extremely rewarding process that enables the seeker to access his/her unique power to heal, learn and grow. 


The insight gained and healing undertaken leads to extraordinary results. Dani stresses that this process is not a platform that will leave one reliant on him, but rather it is a chance to realise and learn to take responsibility for ones own suffering and happiness. Recognising that the cause of all suffering and happiness begins in the mind, each seeker is encouraged to overcome the mental and emotional hurdles and blockages in order to heal physical ailments and progress on the spiritual path.


Dani utilises his connection to the Siddha lineage and years of experience working with these sacred technologies to support the process. The key to healing, however, lies in the hands of the receiver. Dani puts importance in the participation of the receiver, stressing that it is only when the receiver is willing to look inside, to face their darkness and their demonds; and find the courage to overcome them that deep purification and healing can take place. Then one is able to understand, to realise the important lessons, to overcome karma, move forward and grow. 

This process is not a quick fix, people need to be prepared to do the work. Dani can guide, support and offer advice, but at the end of the day the key lies within. “Eventually it is a solo mission, each one of us has to walk the path.” Dani says.

Dani sees himself as a mediator, as a clean reflection, a mirror, where people can come and look at themselves and notice their own ability to take responsibility for everything in their life. By creating the right environment and using these phenomenal ancient tools, the conditions are given to allow seekers to open up and realise that they can change their reality. That they can step out of misery into happiness, and towards better health.



If your physical body crosses paths with Dani, a face-to-face healing session is a powerful experience. Each session consists of a minimum of two hours. During this time a comfortable and safe space is created whereby you will be encouraged to share and open up vocally, before being invited to lie down and relax alongside a magnificent mandala of crystals and sacred geometry. 



Each journey is different, though Dani has the ability to remove negative energies, entities and implants, exercise ghosts and spirits from within your personal space, clear past-life karmas, cleanse the chakras, balance hormones, remove physical and emotional pains and stresses, to name a few. The possibilities are infinite. 


Sessions start at 130 Euros but may be subject to change