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Do you feel that you are ready for a breakthrough on a mental, physical, emotional or energetic level? Are you driven to change in a result-oriented way?

Then get to know the secret that is as old as humanity itself: 
Your breath! Breath = Life and is the oldest technique for self-healing. A medicine that you always carry with you. A path to mindfulness and self-realization if you are open to it. All in all, it makes every person very happy after a breath session anyway. It feels like a great relief whatever it actually is. A lot of ballast is exhaled. Pent-up tension that has arisen from all kinds of beliefs that we have come to believe as truth.

A breathing trajectory heals, transforms and puts you back in your strength with targeted results - if you also pick it up yourself. You work with me as a coach towards a specific goal. When you come to me it is often because your body already indicates that breathing might be something. That is listening to yourself and the messages from your body.

Breathwork is a deeply transformative journey that you should not underestimate, feeling safe with someone is an advantage. From my own breathing experience as a coach I will support this journey with loving care and attention. Using music, sounds, bodywork with your story and especially the breath as a basis. Each session is a surprise for the people who enter and live through the process. What is certain is that after a session you may have new energy, insights, and more clarity about certain life themes.

Breathing is a lifestyle that allows you to learn to regain control of your life.


" Master Your Life - Master Your Breath"


“The work itself is transformational as she is there by your side guiding you and creating a beautiful safe space. I was especially blown away by her beautiful guitar playing and singing… pure magic. You will walk away cleared of old energies that were weighing you down, light in your body and happy in your heart. ” - Gina Romanello


Breathing sessions are for you if you recognize yourself in one of the following situations:

  • You have vague physical complaints

  • You are anxious or restless

  • You feel rushed

  • You feel down

  • You lack passion in your life

  • You feel like you are stuck

  • You run into the same things every time

  • You have trouble making choices

  • You lack focus

  • You are physically, mentally or emotionally out of balance

What breathwork can bring you:

  • You feel fitter and physical complaints can diminish or disappear

  • You free yourself from physical tension and stress

  • You are more present in your body

  • Old repressed emotions are processed and cleared away

  • More focus on what you really want in life

  • Greater self-esteem and self-love

  • You learn to discover and guard your own limits

  • You experience more emotional balance

If you are interested in breath work we can facilitate private sessions, duo sessions or group sessions. 

Please contact us for more information.

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