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What is Thai massage

what does it do to you and why is it often associated with sex?
You can read everything about the traditional and world famous Thai massage in this article When you ask anybody what they associate with Thailand, the world famous Thai massage will also be mentioned. Yet it appears that many tourists do not easily opt for a Thai massage because a relationship with sex and sex tourism is quickly established. But what exactly is Thai massage? Thai massage, just like acupuncture, is a method to heal the body in case of illness and imbalance. It is an ancient Thai medicine that, together with spiritual powers, herbs and nutrition, can heal sick people and keep healthy people healthy. Negative energy can also be removed in this way.

History and origin of Thai massage

The origins of Thai massage take us back more than 2,500 years in history. Buddhist monks have introduced this form of medicine to Thailand. Buddhism embraces the holistic idea of coherence and harmony between mind and body. Thai massage is therefore part of the ancient Thai medical and spiritual tradition.


Wat Pho: Ancient Massage Techniques

The techniques of Thai massage have been passed down from generation to generation. These massage techniques were first depicted on palm leaves.

To prevent the historical knowledge of Thai massage from being lost, King Rama III ordered in 1832 to record the remains of this tradition in stone. These engraved stones are kept in the temple Wat Pho in Bangkok where you can also admire the largest reclining golden Buddha in the world.

Wat Pho,
Thailand's most famous massage school


The Wat Pho complex consists of two walled areas separated by Thanon Chetuphon.
The reclining Buddha and massage school are located in the northern part. The Buddhist monastery with houses and a school are located in the southern part.
Even before Wat Pho became a temple, Wat Pho was the center for training in traditional Thai medicine. During the restoration by Rama III, stone slabs containing medical inscriptions were placed around the temple. The school for traditional Thai medicine and massage was established in 1962. Instructions for the students are still painted on the walls; they show on anatomical images where the energy points are located in the human body.
The students memorized the precepts on the walls. you also see statues in yoga posture.
The age-old tradition is still carried on in the temple.
Although it was traditionally practiced by monks in Buddhist temples, the profession is no longer limited to temples only. Centuries ago, blind Thai were also trained as masseurs. Precisely this group was known as the most skilled and best masseurs.
Thai massage is now practiced and offered all over Thailand, at massage schools, hospitals, department stores, hotels and on the beach.


What does Thai massage do to you?

Thai massage provides complete relaxation and is therefore an effective remedy for both physical and mental tension. It helps to fight fatigue and provides energy. In addition, it is effective against pain complaints such as neck, back and headaches. But there are also special techniques to help women get rid of stomach and menstrual pain.
A Thai massage ensures that the blood circulation and the lymph node system is optimized. A Thai massage also results in a better functioning immune system and it helps against aging. In short, it provides more vitality and the Thai even believe that it extends life.
After a Thai massage you will feel reborn, you have a lot of energy and a wonderful tingling feeling all over your body. The effect of a Thai massage lasts for about three to four days.

Traditional Thai massage in practice

When you step into a massage parlor, always take off your shoes,
you will be welcomed with kindness.
Your feet will be washed and if you opt for the traditional Thai massage you have the opportunity to

change into a special garment that is comfortable and does not hinder the massage. If you don't want to, you can just keep your own clothes on.
You take place on a mattress on an elevation. No oil is used.
Your body is brought into various yoga positions during the massage.

That is why Thai massage is sometimes called “yoga for lazy people”. You will be worked with knees, feet and elbows and sometimes even with the full weight of the masseus Actually Thai massage is a kind of mix of normal massage,

yoga techniques, acupressure and stretching.
The purpose of this is to harmonize the body,
to release blockages and to remove deficiencies along the energy lines.

Unlike Traditional Chinese Medicine, which uses acupuncture to manipulate pressure in a targeted manner, Thai massage promotes the same points but with a healing touch.
Therefore, the pressure points are stripped of all tension.

The life energy, or Prana, can thus move freely through the body.


Thai Massage

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