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Ayamara_The medicine_tribe_Ayahuasca

Hi, my name is Tamara. Being at service is my greatest passion.

As a child I wanted to take care of the people around me. After high school I started to study to become a nurse. After years of working in healthcare, I discovered that the regular healthcare system mainly focuses on treating symptoms and does not tackle the core of the problem.

Yoga came into my life in 2014 and soon I was on the beautiful island of Bali to immerse myself in Yoga through a yoga teacher training. I successfully completed the training in 2015. After this I learned to work with Reiki. The moment Yoga came into my life it became clear to me how important breathing is. Through breathing techniques (Pranayama) I learned to breathe consciously. From 2016, I started to study shamanism and the power of the plants from the Amazon. In the jungle of Peru I fell in love with the plants and started a lifelong learning process as a curandera (Shamanic healer). In 2019, everything fell into place for me when connected breathing came into my life. A training as a breath therapist followed. I started my practice from home and started organizing retreats where I use a combination of different therapies adapted to the person. I work with various psychologists and therapists in order to share our knowledge and offer the widest possible package. Connecting the spiritual with the scientific. 

All of this at a beautiful location in Limburg and a few times a year in Portugal and sometimes even Peru & Barbados.

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