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You are the Medicine!


Welcome to The Medicine Tribe. We facilitate retreats for people to find the love in and for themselves again, heal old trauma's, get rid of stress and become the best version of themselves.

We do this work with a beautiful team of professionals who have gifts on many levels. 

We organize different retreats for different groups of people. 

Modalities we incorporate in our retreats are:







~Psilocybin Therapy

~Family constellations

~Trauma Healing



~Rapé ceremonies

~Connection days

~Spiritual cleansing


~Inner child work

We believe that anything that is manifested as a pain or disease in your body has a rooted cause linked to some sort of trauma or conditioning while being on this life's path. 

The secret is to break free from the conditioning and see who you truly are. 

By doing the 'shadow work' and seeing and acknowledging the unloved parts of you, great healing occurs.

You are the medicine, we just give you the tools and are mirrors for you to transform your life. 

Native Drums


Bedankt voor de inzending!

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