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Pau Pereira Rapeh (Platycyamus regnelii):



Benefits of Pau Pereira Rapeh:

- Cleansing of your energy field

- Raising to a higher frequency

- Concentrate

- Energizing


Country of origin: Brazil

Strength: Very strong


One of the most powerful rapés is Rapé Del Pau Pereira, which is a very familiar medicine for the indigenous Katukinas, Yawanawa, Huni Kuin, Shanenawa, Shawandawa, Puyanawa tribes from Brazilian Amazon (Acre).


Everything will depend on the tobacco that is used in the creation of the medicine. If it comes from a strong rope (rustic nicotine) it is richer and more powerful.


The Tsunu and the Pau Pereira originate from the same tree, but from different parts.

The Pau Pereira is the ash from the bark of the tree, which contains more alkaloids and which structure stays the same with the fire.

The snuff made with the ashes of the bark of the tree also feels stronger for potentiating and somar the alkaloids of string tobacco.


The Tsunu snuff is made of the wood of the tree. The shells are easily cut from the tree with the help of a machete, for the creation of the pau Pereira. What remains is to make the Tsunu snuff, which is the wood that will be used to create the ash component, already well sieved. The medicinal properties of pau Pereira and the tsunu are similar, but the tsunu feels softer.


The medicinal properties of Pau Pereira are many. The bark of the tree has healing functions to treat various different sort of complications for the indigenous peoples of Amazonia.

Pau pereira is not only used as snuff but also as a tea which purgative and works like iboga. It detoxifies the body.


The healing effects of snuff are effective when we are with nasal passages congested by mucus, since the medicine cannot come into direct contact with the skin of our noses ... That is why we have the habit of saying that snuff, kambo, yagé is good to heal oneself, but it is better for those who are already healthy.


Pau Pereira's snuff promotes the cleansing of our energy field, aura. The energy of this snuff is more intense, and generates more energy and heat than other blends.

That is why we classify it as very strong.


And it is also very appropriate for the ceremonial use of kambo healing. An excellent snuff to prepare for these other remedies, since its strength accompanies us in anchoring our highest energies.


Because Pau Pereira has a lot of energy, it is also used by the indigenous people of the Brazilian Amazon for hunting and to play soccer nowadays. The benefits it brings us are diverse, it connects us to the joy of the jungle and is a protection and health guide for those who work with its materials. The stronger the snuff, the more it will wake you up and make you change for the better. Since the possibility of staying healthy is treating our bodies, minds and souls with true medicines that complement our Creativity and musicality.

Rapé Pau-Pereira

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