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Thu, 03 Aug



10-day Master-plant dieta with Shipibo Maestro Roberth, Mestizo Maestro Moises & Txana Iba from the Huni Kuin tribe

Connecting the tribes! Never done before. 3 different lineages coming together to facilitate a 10-day Masterplant dieta in Holland

10-day Master-plant dieta with Shipibo Maestro Roberth, Mestizo Maestro Moises & Txana Iba from the Huni Kuin tribe

Tijd en locatie

03 Aug, 15:00 – 13 Aug, 12:00

Limburg, Limburg, Nederland

Over het evenement

We have 3! Yes 3!  Maestro's from 3 different lineages coming to The Netherlands, all bringing their unique medicine to bring the most healing to you all. An event you do not want to miss.

A dieta is a deeper way of connecting to the plants of the jungle, but also to your (higher)self.

A companion (master) plant is taken alongside the Sacred tea, throughout a series of ceremonies, in this case you can choose from:

Noya Rao

Chiric Sanango




The dieta is an incredible practice in itself and provides an amazing way to connect with the spirits of the plants.

It also serves as a very powerful remedy for various ailments. 

Through the process of dieta the body often times will come back into alignment and various illnesses will begin to heal and correct themselves.

It takes commitment!

During (and some time after) the diet there will be restrictions on food and lifestyle. 

During the diet there also will be a period of fasting with a minimum of 24 hours which you can extend at your own choice. 

The food will be simple, no salt, no sugar, no dairy, no fat and the amount will be just enough to keep you from tipping over. 

The purpose in not to just clean out your system, but also to make it easier for you to receive the subtle energies, messages and maybe even Icaros (songs) of the plant. 

A truly beautiful, magical and sometimes challenging path to walk upon, but having these plants as allies in your life will illuminate the path. 

The plants will be a mirror and a teacher. 

To see your own light, your true potential. 

YOU are love, YOU are the medicine!

About moises:

Moises was born in Flor de Punga near Iquitos, in the Peruvian Amazon. His parents used their knowledge from this place, the biggest bio pharmacy in the rainforest, to teach him. His mother’s side followed the shamanic tradition and his grandfather, uncle, and cousin are Shamans in the Cocama lineage.

Moises was trained as a visionary artist in Usko Ayar Amazon School of Painting in Pucallpa, Perú by the renowned Shaman and Visionary Artist Pablo Amaringo. This was were the vision of Madre Selva Healing and Art Center was born. Moises learned to find beauty in his surroundings by noticing trees, plants, animals, rivers, and rain, and by observing and practicing with people doing their ancestral practices. This changed his life as he developed a new understanding and awareness of the environment. He started to see with the eyes and heart of an artist, loving, respecting, and enjoying every precious moment of life.

Later on, Moises went to study and practice plant medicine, in addition to his artwork. He was taught by well-respected maestros and curanderos. 

Plant and spirit medicine have healed deep wounds in Moises physical and emotional body, mind, and spirit, aligning him with the flow of life, igniting his purpose. Moises answered the call to serve others while continuing to help himself through these sacred healing modalities. Moises intention is to inspire people to awaken their greatest potential by helping them believe in themselves, find love and creativity and become cocreators of their own existence. Moises strive to teach people how to be their own healers and empower them to understand a better way of living in harmony with Mother Nature. Recently Moises joined us on our trip to Peru where we visited the Huni Kuin tribe at Pinuya village in Acre Brasil where we connected different traditions and learned a lot from each other. 

Here the idea was born to join forces and facilitate this Master-plant diet together with Txana Iba & Maestro Roberth. 

Maestro Roberth

The Shipibo maestro we will be working with is Roberth Inuma Mahua who lives in the village paoyhan. Maestro Robert (35) was born in the Shipibo village of Pahoyan. He started practicing the medicine at the age of 12, to this day he is still working with traditional medicine and is one of the healers in the Shipibo village. He also went to medical school so he knows the best of both worlds.  He works together with Maestra Olinda and verious other shipibo maestro's in the retreat center they run in Paoyhan. He is one of the purest maestro's we have ever worked with and really works from his heart with so much passion.  He has some of the most potent Icaros you will ever hear. Aligning you and clearing your field of what is holding you back to become the best version of yourself. 

Txana Ibã is the son of Chief Shane from the Huni Kuin and his mother is Seya from the Yawanawa tribe, very special to have Ibã with us this diet.

Since he was little he has consecrated the strength of Nixi Pãe  and has been dieting now for 15 years. Recently he came with us to experience a Shipibo Noya Rao diet in Peru where he could see and experience the magick of joining forces with the Shipibo & Mestizo traditions. He lives in the Novo Futuro village in Acre. Ibã has been carrying out diets to train healers in the forest. Ibã is a true healer, humble pure and a proud members of the Eskawatã Kayawey Group. He can play the guitar like you have never heared before and the healing sessions he does with and eagle feather are just another level. 

We are so very exited for these traditions to come together and to create a beautiful healing strong diet for everyone.

There is much more to share about the process of dieting and if you would like to know more or would like to register please contact us.

Dates: The diet will be held from the 3rd of August until the 13th of August 2023

This will include:

- 10 nights accommodation at Mothers House

- All Food & drinks during your stay

- Sauna's/Plant vapor baths (we are hoping to have our sweat lodge ready for the dieta ;-))

- Flower/Protection Baths

- Use of wellness facilities

- 3 Tabacco cleanses (purgatives)

- 7 days of master-plant dieting 

- 4 Sacred Master-Plant Ceremonies with 3 Maestro's and The medicine tribe team

- 2 Icaros classes (learn the Shipibo language and their healing songs)

- 2 Visionary painting workshops (paint your visions)

- Sharing Circles

- Private consultations

- Breathwork

- Integration talks and life long family membership of The Medicine Tribe & Mother's House

We will have 3 different price options:


You will be sleeping out on the land in a private tent. We will provide your tent but you can choose where to put it up. 


Shared Room: 

You will be sleeping in a shared room up to 6 people depending on the room.


Private room:

You will have your own private room inside the house with a window overlooking the garden.


If you feel the call to join us please don't wait to long as we know spaces will fill up quick for this special event.

For registrations please contact us through:


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    Connecting the tribes! Never done before. 3 different lineages coming together to facilitate a 10-day Masterplant dieta in Holland
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